Psychologische Praxis J. Lankes
Change begins with inself

Who I am

Jennifer Lankes Psychologist

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jennifer Lankes and I am a psychologist. After studying business psychology, I completed my degree in psychology. My professional experience extends over 17 years in various areas, be it in business as a human resources manager and industrial psychologist or in the social sector as a department manager and psychologist for people with a mental health diagnosis.

Through my further training as a systemic coach, NLP master practitioner, hypnotherapist, couples coach, mindfulness-based coach, meridian psychotherapy and dream analyst, it is my calling to help people.

Empathy, acceptance and authenticity are a matter of course for me, as communication, the way you conduct the conversation and the relationship building between you and me are crucial factors for successful counseling. The consultations take place on the basis of reliable and valid, scientifically based knowledge.