Psychologische Praxis J. Lankes
Change begins with inself


I cover the following subject areas for private customers:

- Stress reduction

- emotional regulation

- Marriage and couples counseling

- Mediation/mediation (between family members, couples, spouses, ex-partners)

- self-discovery

- Crisis intervention e.g. anxiety, depression

  Trauma, domestic violence, etc.

- Worklife/work-related stress (bullying/bossing, burnout)

- dream interpretations

- Clinical counseling (addiction counseling, phobias, grief...)

- Post- and prenatal psychosocial pregnancy counseling/support.

- Hypnotherapy:

   Resolving fears and phobias, dealing with stress, releasing blockages,

   Weight loss, hypnotic gastric band, smoking cessation, addiction cessation,

  Grief management, sports/performance, allergies, increasing self-esteem, regression

If you have another topic, please feel free to contact me!

I also offer Counseling in the following languages:

- english and

- croatian.

For further Information or appointments, please feel free to contact me via my contact form or during my telephone times!